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a few basic commands for voxel-console (voxel.js plugin)


A few basic commands for voxel-console (voxel.js plugin)

  • .pos x y z -- set avatar position (requires voxel-player)
  • .home -- set avatar position to home
  • .item name [count [tags]] -- give item to player inventory (requires voxel-carry)
  • .clear - wipe inventory (requires voexl-carry)
  • .block name [data] -- set/get block, optionally supports voxel-blockdata
  • .plugins -- list plugins from voxel-plugins
  • .enable plugin - enable a plugin
  • .disable plugin - disable a plugin
var commands = game.plugins.get('voxel-commands')

// other plugins can register their own custom commands
commands.registerCommand(name, handler, usage, help);
commands.unregisterCommand(name, handler);

commands.isConnectedToServer = true; // suppress 'Not connected to server' chat messages