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A collection of vows reporters that supports concurrent instances of each type.

Reporters in the collection:

  • spec

  • A direct port of the 'spec' runner from vows

  • Easy for humans to read

  • Fixes some whitespace issues from the original

  • Xunit

  • Produces output meant for Jenkins CI. It tries to divide the tests into a hierarchy of levels for easier navigation in the Jenkins test report.

  • Use the colon (':') character to separate levels. For example if you had a topic (or a subtopic, or combination) that looked like this:

    Monkeys: grooming

    then there would be a "Monkeys" folder in Jenkins with a "grooming" folder inside of it, containing the test results.

Using vows-reporters programmatically

this.reporter = require('vows-reporters')('Xunit');

If you want to supply options, do so as the second argument to vows-reporters, e.g.

this.reporter = require('vows-reporters')('Xunit', {writer : myWriter});


  • writer
  • A "writer" is simply something with a "write" function (such as process.stdout). You can easily make your own writer and pass it to vows-reporters, and the test output will be sent to your writer's write function.
  • default: process.stdout
  • writeTotals
  • Write the number of honored, broken, errored, etc. tests when the suite is finished.
  • default: true