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Even less redundant vows

Vows At

Even less redundant vows

This library should be used with LiveScript or CoffeeScript.

It executes the vows in an scope where:

  • @topic is the topic
  • @error is the error if the topic was defined asynchronously
  • @ contains all the assert module functions redefined:
    • By default the first param is @topic.
    • If it is called with the same number of params that its original function, it expects that the first parameter is callable. It will call the function with @topic as its argument, and it will use the result as the first parameter for the assert.

The benefit of this is best seen with an example.

Here is a simple example written in LiveScript:

require! {
  at: \vows-at
vows.describe 'Division by Zero'
  ..add-batch {
    'when dividing a number by zero':
      topic: -> 42 / 0
      'we get Infinity': at -> @equal Infinity
    'but when dividing zero by zero':
      topic: -> 0 / 0
      'we get a value which':
        'is not a number': at -> @is-NaN!
        'is not equal to itself': at -> @not-equal @topic
  ..add-batch {
    'when the topic is an object':
      topic: -> { number: 0 / 0 }
      'you can check its properties easily': at -> @is-NaN (.number)
  ..export module

For more examples check the test folder.