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Install npm install votifier-client



Creates a PEM formatted key from the raw key data given by Votifier

new VotifierService(name)

Creates a votifier service with the given name. Has only one method.

  • vote(voteObject)

    voteObject properties are as follows:

    • username - Minecraft username of the user who voted
    • voterIP - IP address of the user who voted (defaults to
    • address - Address of the votifier server
    • port - Port of the votifier server (defaults to 8192)
    • pubkey - PEM formatted public key of the votifier server


var VotifierService = require('votifier-client').VotifierService;
var service = new VotifierService('tiddlywinks');{
    username: 'Notch',
    address: '<server ip>',
    pubkey: publicKey // We got this by magic earlier