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Emulates a Bukkit Votifier server in Node.js

We at CubixCraft don't like Java that much. It kinda sucks a speed. So we always try to replace it with Node.js, whenever it's possible. So is this case. Using node-votifier reduces load on your precious Bukkit and transfers it to your wonderful Node.js app. Plus it's super easy to add vote listeners. No lame .class files anymore!


I recommend using an Ubuntu server. However it should work on Windows / OS X / whatsoever, if your computer supports the requirements listed above.

The RSA keys aren't automatically generated by node-votifier. But it's easy to create them yourself:

  1. openssl genrsa -out private.pem 2048 generates a 2048 bit private key and stores it as private.pem
  2. openssl rsa -in private.pem -pubout > public.pem extracts the public key and stores it as public.pem

Use the public key for all the server lists. Keep the private key private. Otherwise anybody is able to cheat on your vote system.


npm install node-votifier

You could also clone this repository. If you wanna do this, you know how.

How to use

Assuming your private.pem is in the same directory as your app, a working Votifier would look like this. An extended example with error handling can be found in the examples directory.

var votifier = require("node-votifier")(__dirname + "/private.pem");
votifier.on("vote", function(user, server, ip, date) {
  console.log(user + " voted.")

Complete API

  • require("node-votifier") returns a Votifier Class.
  • new Votifier(pathToPrivateKey, port) or Votifier(pathToPrivateKey, port) both return a Votifier instance. They require the absolute path to the private key file. The port is optional and defaults to 8192. Votifier inherits of EventEmitter.
    • vote event. This event passes user (username of the voter), server (name of the server list), ip (IP of the voter) and date (date of the vote as a Date) to its listeners. It is fired, when Votifier receives a vote.
    • error event. This event passes error (Error with some infomation), to its listeners. This event is fired when something went wrong.


Yes! Please! Fork and pull request! If you experience any issues you don't know how to fix or have any feture requests you're welcome to create an issue.


This software is licensed under my "Do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want-but-don't-be-a-dick" license. This means you're absolutely free to use, modify and redistribute this software. You can basically do whatever the fuck you want. But don't be a dick and mention my name if you think I'm worth it.