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JavaScript port of Amit Patel's mapgen2 Map generator for games. Generates island maps with a focus on mountains, rivers, coastlines.


JavaScript port of Amit Patel's mapgen2 Map generator for games. Generates island maps with a focus on mountains, rivers, coastlines.

Based on commit: e05075cbb82851e2a3bacaa2e49e4da998894379

Flash dependencies removed.

Built with JavaScript, Node.js, JQuery, Lo-Dash, Browserify, UglifyJS, Nodeunit, Sublime Text.

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Installation & usage

Using npm:

npm install --save voronoi-map

In CommonJS / Browserify:

var PIXI = require('pixi.js');
var islandShape = require('voronoi-map/island-shape');
var lavaModule = require('voronoi-map/lava');
var mapModule = require('voronoi-map/map');
var noisyEdgesModule = require('voronoi-map/noisy-edges');
var pointSelectorModule = require('voronoi-map/point-selector');
var renderCanvas = require('voronoi-map/render-canvas');
var renderPixi = require('voronoi-map/render-pixi');
var roadsModule = require('voronoi-map/roads');
var style = require('voronoi-map/style');
var watershedsModule = require('voronoi-map/watersheds');
var map = mapModule({width: 1000.0, height: 1000.0});
map.newIsland(islandShape.makeRadial(1), 1);
map.go0PlacePoints(100, pointSelectorModule.generateRandom(map.SIZE.width, map.SIZE.height, map.mapRandom.seed));
var lava = lavaModule();
var roads = roadsModule();
roads.createRoads(map, [0, 0.05, 0.37, 0.64]);
var watersheds = watershedsModule();
var noisyEdges = noisyEdgesModule();
noisyEdges.buildNoisyEdges(map, lava, map.mapRandom.seed);
// render with Canvas Context 2D 
var canvas = document.createElement('canvas');
renderCanvas.graphicsReset(canvas, map.SIZE.width, map.SIZE.height, style.displayColors);
renderCanvas.renderDebugPolygons(canvas, map, style.displayColors);
// or render with Pixi / WebGL 
var context = { renderer: new PIXI.autoDetectRenderer() };
renderPixi.graphicsReset(context, map.SIZE.width, map.SIZE.height, style.displayColors);
renderPixi.renderDebugPolygons(context, map, style.displayColors);

In vanilla JavaScript, all modules are exported to global voronoiMap object :

<script type="text/javascript" src="voronoi-map.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var map = voronoiMap.mapModule({width: 1000.0, height: 1000.0});


  • fix smooth rendering bug for square point selection
    • canvas-render.js ~line 300, problem is with graphics.stroke() original render logic only draws fill paths. HTML canvas fill path does not join other paths and shows a seam between them. stroke() worked to hide the seam but square point selection exposes a bug where some strokes are not the correct color
  • fix point-selector square and hexagon so distribution is symetrical when size is asymetrical
  • pixi WebGL rendering is quite slow, too slow for animation
    • moving some of the rendering functions into GLSL shaders would help, especially the noisy edges parts