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Volothamp is a simple work management tool inspired by the pomodoro technique. You can instruct Volothamp to shield you from distractions inherent to working on computers for a given duration. These chunks of work are called quests and are recorded in a file for profiling. Volothamp should work on Linux/OSX with up-to-date node installation. To install run: npm install -g volothamp.

Shield: Launch a quest

Applications listed in applications.txt will be closed. Hosts listed in hosts.txt will be banned. Don't try to trespass these rules coz Volothamp is overseeing and watches us all.

sudo volothamp --shield --duration 25  --quests path/to/quests.txt
sudo volothamp --shield -d 25 -q path/to/quests.txt

The sudo is necessary to overwrite /etc/hosts and close applications. On SIGINT (CTRL-C) the current quest is canceled.

Sword: Check these quests of yours

sudo volothamp --sword --quests path/to/quest.txt
sudo volothamp --sword -q path/to/quests.txt