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Node.js VMC library


A node.js library version of the CloudFoundry VMC gem.

Copyright 2011, FeedHenry Ltd. Licensed under the MIT license, please see the LICENSE file. All rights reserved.

npm install vmcjs
var vmcjs = require('vmcjs');
var vmc = new vmcjs.VMC(target, user, pwd);
vmc.login(function(err) {
  vmc.apps(function(err, apps){

See the tests for more sample API usage.

You need to set your own CloudFoundry account credentials before running the tests. First, set the following three environment variables:

export CF_TARGET=<CloudFoundry target> e.g. for a local micro instance http://api.<name>
export CF_EMAIL=<CloudFoundry user email> e.g.
export CF_PWD=<CloudFoundry user password>
export CF_ADMIN_EMAIL=<CloudFoundry administrator email> e.g.
export CF_ADMIN_PWD=<CloudFoundry administrator password>

Then run the tests with: expresso -I lib