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vlitejs (pronounced /viːlaɪt/) is a fast and lightweight JavaScript library for customizing video and audio player. Written in native JavaScript without dependency, it is built around an API of providers and plugins to extend these capabilities and keep the core with the minimal functionalities.

HTML5 video and audio players are automatically included. Other providers like Youtube or Vimeo can be loaded on demand with the Provider API. Plugins uses the same logic and can be loaded on demand by the Plugin API. Others providers and plugins can be created and loaded by the library.

Why vLitejs?

  • If you are concerned about your app's loading performance, this library makes sense as it is extremely lightweight compared to the competition (only 6 KB).
  • It is quite rare to need to be compatible with HTML5, Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion at the same time. The library contains by default only HTML5 capabilities and exposed the Provider API to extend capabilities with other providers.
  • If you need specific behaviors, the plugin API allows to extends the library capabilities.
  • If you need to create a video or audio player with a custom skin harmonized for all web browsers.

Sizes of the vlitejs bundle compared to the competition:

vlitejs plyr video.js
Uncompressed 68 KB 299 KB 2100 KB
Compressed 27 KB 110 KB 560 KB
Gzip 6 KB 32 KB 159 KB

Note vlitejs 5.0.1, plyr 3.7.8, videojs 8.3.0


  • Video & audio - HTML5 video, HTML5 audio, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion.
  • Customization - Choose the control elements you want to display.
  • No dependency - Written in native Javascript without any framework.
  • Fullscreen - Supports native fullscreen API.
  • Provider API - Use the available providers or create your own.
  • Plugin API - Use the available plugins or create your own.
  • Streaming - Support HLS.js streaming playback.
  • Sticky - Support for sticky.
  • Events - Standardized events for all web browsers, providers and plugins.
  • Autoload API - Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion API are automatically loaded by their provider.
  • Subtitles - Supports multiple subtitle tracks (VTT).
  • Picture-in-Picture - Supports Picture-in-Picture API.
  • Cast - Supports for Google Cast API.
  • AirPlay - Supports for Apple AirPlay API.
  • Monetization - Supports for Google IMA SDK.
  • Playsinline - Supports the playsinline attribute.
  • SVG icons - SVG are inlined into the library, no sprites to includes.
  • Shortcuts - Supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Accessibility - W3C and A11Y valid.

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If you're interested in playing around with vLitejs, you can use the online code playgrounds on Glitch:


The project includes several examples of vlitejs implementation in the directory examples. Run the following commands to build the assets for the examples:

npm run build && npm run build:example


Warning vlitejs@6 is ESM and uses the Node.js package exports.


NPM is the recommended installation method. Install vlitejs in your project with the following command:

npm install vlitejs --save-dev
yarn add vlitejs --dev

Note Minimum supported Node.js version is 16.20.0.


You can also download it and include it with a script tag as an ESM.

<link href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vlitejs@6/dist/vlite.css" rel="stylesheet" crossorigin />
<script type="module">
  import Vlitejs from 'https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vlitejs@6';

Note You can browse the source of the NPM package at jsdelivr.com/package/npm/vlitejs.

How it works


HTML5 video

<video id="player" src="<path_to_video_mp4>"></video>

HTML5 audio

<audio id="player" src="<path_to_audio_mp3>"></audio>


<div id="player" data-youtube-id="<video_id>"></div>


<div id="player" data-vimeo-id="<video_id>"></div>


<div id="player" data-dailymotion-id="<video_id>"></div>


Import vlitejs styleheet and the JavaScript library as an ES6 modules.

import 'vlitejs/vlite.css';
import Vlitejs from 'vlitejs';

The vlitejs constructor accepts the following parameters:

Arguments Type Default Description
selector String|HTMLElement null Unique CSS selector string or HTMLElement to target the player
config Object {} Player configuration (optional)

Initialize the player with a CSS selector string.

new Vlitejs('#player');

Or, initialize the player with an HTMLElement.

new Vlitejs(document.querySelector('#player'));


The second arguments of the contructor is an optional object with the following parameters:

Arguments Type Default Description
options Object {} Player options
onReady Function|null null Callback function executed when the player is ready
provider String 'html5' Player provider
plugins Array [] Player plugins
new Vlitejs('#player', {
  options: {},
  onReady: function (player) {},
  provider: 'html5',
  plugins: []


The player controls can be customized with the following parameters:

Options Type Default Description
controls¹ ² Boolean true Display the control bar of the video
autoplay Boolean false Enable the autoplay of the media
playPause Boolean true Display the play/pause button on the control bar
progressBar Boolean true Display the progress bar on the control bar
time Boolean true Display the time information on the control bar
volume Boolean true Display the volume button on the control bar
fullscreen¹ ⁴ Boolean true Display the fullscreen button on the control bar
poster¹ String|null null Customize the video poster url
bigPlay¹ Boolean true Display the big play button on the poster video
playsinline¹ Boolean true Add the playsinline attribute to the video
loop Boolean false Whether to loop the current media
muted¹ Boolean false Whether to mute the current media
autoHide¹ Boolean false Auto hide the control bar in the event of inactivity
autoHideDelay¹ Integer 3000 Auto hide delay in millisecond
providerParams³ Object {} Overrides the player parameters of the provider


The autoplay parameter automatically activates the muted option because the API can only be initiated by a user gesture (see Autoplay policy changes).

Example of customization for the autoHide and the poster options.

new Vlitejs('#player', {
  options: {
    autoHide: true,
    poster: '/path/to/poster.jpg'

Player ready

The callback function onReady is automatically executed when the player is ready. The HTML5 video and audio listen to the canplay|loadedmetadata event. The Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion provider listen to the onready event returned by their API.

The function exposes the player parameter as the player instance. You can use it to interact with the player instance and the player methods.

Example of a player muted when ready:

new Vlitejs('#player', {
  onReady: function (player) {

Note The onReady function can also be written with an arrow function.


vlitejs exposes the following native Event on the .v-vlite element. Events are standardized for all providers. Each plugin has its own events which are detailed in their dedicated documentation.

Event Type Description
play Sent when the playback state is no longer paused, after the play method or the autoplay
pause Sent when the playback state is changed to paused
progress Sent periodically to inform interested parties of progress downloading the media.
timeupdate Sent when the currentTime of the media has changed
volumechange Sent when audio volume changes
enterfullscreen¹ Sent when the video switches to fullscreen mode
exitfullscreen¹ Sent when the video exits fullscreen mode
ended Sent when playback completes

Note > ¹ Video only.

Example of a listener when the media triggers a play event.

new Vlitejs('#player', {
  onReady: (player) => {
    player.on('play', () => {
      // The video starts playing


The player instance exposes the following methods, accessible when the player is ready.

Method Parameters Promise Description
play() - - Start the playback
pause() - - Pause the playback
setVolume(volume) Number - Set the volume between 0 and 1
getVolume() - Promise Get the volume
getCurrentTime() - Promise Get the current time
getDuration() - Promise Get the duration
mute() - - Mute the volume
unMute() - - Unmute the volume
seekTo(time) Number - Seek to a current time in seconds
requestFullscreen() - - Request the fullscreen
exitFullscreen() - - Exit the fullscreen
getInstance() - - Get the player instance
loading() Boolean - Set the loading status
on(event, function) String, Function - Add an event listener
off(event, function) String, Function - Remove an event listener
destroy() - - Destroy the player

Example of media duration recovery.

new Vlitejs('#player', {
  onReady: (player) => {
    player.getDuration().then((duration) => {
      // The duration is available in the "duration" parameter

Custom CSS properties

The player exposes some custom CSS properties, locally scopped under the .v-vlite selector. You can use them to customize the design.

Name Value Description
--vlite-colorPrimary #ff7f15 Primary color
--vlite-transition 0.25s ease Transition
--vlite-controlBarHeight 50px Control bar height
--vlite-controlBarHorizontalPadding 10px Control bar horizontal padding
--vlite-controlBarBackground linear-gradient(to top, #000 -50%, transparent) Control bar background
--vlite-controlsColor #fff|#000 Controls color (video|audio)
--vlite-controlsOpacity 0.9 Controls opacity
--vlite-progressBarHeight 5px Progress bar height
--vlite-progressBarBackground rgba(0 0 0 / 25%) Progress bar background


The player accepts the following keyboard shortcuts.

Key Action
space Toggle playback
Esc Exit the fullscreen
Seek backward of 5s
Seek forward of 5s
Increase volume of 10%
Decrease volume of 10%


Many thanks to Victor Schirm for the vlitejs logo.


vlitejs is licensed under the MIT License.

Created with ♡ by @yoriiis.

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