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    Slider UI component for React

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    • Supports IE9, IE9+, Chrome, Firefox & Safari


    npm install --save rc-slider



    import React from 'react';
    import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
    import Slider, { Range } from 'rc-slider';
    // We can just import Slider or Range to reduce bundle size
    // import Slider from 'rc-slider/lib/Slider';
    // import Range from 'rc-slider/lib/Range';
    import 'rc-slider/assets/index.css';
        <Slider />
        <Range />


    createSliderWithTooltip(Slider | Range) => React.Component

    An extension to make Slider or Range support Tooltip on handle.

    const Slider = require('rc-slider');
    const createSliderWithTooltip = Slider.createSliderWithTooltip;
    const Range = createSliderWithTooltip(Slider.Range);

    Online demo

    After Range or Slider was wrapped by createSliderWithTooltip, it will have the following props:

    Name Type Default Description
    tipFormatter (value: number): React.ReactNode value => value A function to format tooltip's overlay
    tipProps Object {
    placement: 'top',
    prefixCls: 'rc-slider-tooltip',
    overlay: tipFormatter(value)
    A function to format tooltip's overlay

    Common API

    The following APIs are shared by Slider and Range.

    Name Type Default Description
    className string '' Additional CSS class for the root DOM node
    min number 0 The minimum value of the slider
    max number 100 The maximum value of the slider
    marks {number: string} or{number: { style, label }} {} Marks on the slider. The key determines the position, and the value determines what will show. If you want to set the style of a specific mark point, the value should be an object which contains style and label properties.
    step number or null 1 Value to be added or subtracted on each step the slider makes. Must be greater than zero, and max - min should be evenly divisible by the step value.
    When marks is not an empty object, step can be set to null, to make marks as steps.
    vertical boolean false If vertical is true, the slider will be vertical.
    handle (props) => React.ReactNode A handle generator which could be used to customized handle.
    included boolean true If the value is true, it means a continuous value interval, otherwise, it is a independent value.
    disabled boolean false If true, handles can't be moved.
    dots boolean false When the step value is greater than 1, you can set the dots to true if you want to render the slider with dots.
    onBeforeChange Function NOOP onBeforeChange will be triggered when ontouchstart or onmousedown is triggered.
    onChange Function NOOP onChange will be triggered while the value of Slider changing.
    onAfterChange Function NOOP onAfterChange will be triggered when ontouchend or onmouseup is triggered.
    minimumTrackStyle Object please use trackStyle instead. (only used for slider, just for compatibility , will be deprecate at rc-slider@9.x)
    maximumTrackStyle Object please use railStyle instead (only used for slider, just for compatibility , will be deprecate at rc-slider@9.x)
    handleStyle Array[Object] | Object [{}] The style used for handle. (both for slider(Object) and range(Array of Object), the array will be used for mutli handle follow element order)
    trackStyle Array[Object] | Object [{}] The style used for track. (both for slider(Object) and range(Array of Object), the array will be used for mutli track follow element order)
    railStyle Object {} The style used for the track base color.
    dotStyle Object {} The style used for the dots.
    activeDotStyle Object {} The style used for the active dots.


    Name Type Default Description
    defaultValue number 0 Set initial value of slider.
    value number - Set current value of slider.
    tabIndex number 0 Set the tabIndex of the slider handle.


    Name Type Default Description
    defaultValue number[] [0, 0] Set initial positions of handles.
    value number[] Set current positions of handles.
    tabIndex number[] [0, 0] Set the tabIndex of each handle.
    count number 1 Determine how many ranges to render, and multiple handles will be rendered (number + 1).
    allowCross boolean true allowCross could be set as true to allow those handles to cross.
    pushable boolean or number false pushable could be set as true to allow pushing of surrounding handles when moving an handle. When set to a number, the number will be the minimum ensured distance between handles. Example:


    npm install
    npm start


    npm start and then go to http://localhost:8005/examples/

    Online examples: http://react-component.github.io/slider/

    Test Case





    rc-slider is released under the MIT license.


    npm i vj-rc-slider

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