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Vite Plugin Relay

NPM CI workflow

Add relay support to your Vite projects.

❤️ Special thanks to:

I do not actively use this project anymore, however, it will still receive periodic updates.


Follow Relay's guide on how to add Relay to your project.

⚠️ Note: Install babel-plugin-relay (>= 13.0.1) as devDependencies as instructed, but skip its configuration. vite-plugin-relay will invoke the babel plugin for you!

Add vite-plugin-relay to your devDependencies:

yarn add vite-plugin-relay -D

Add vite-plugin-relay to your Vite configuration (vite.config.ts or vite.config.js):

import { defineConfig } from "vite";
import relay from "vite-plugin-relay";

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [..., relay],

Configure relay-compiler to output artifacts with export default syntax, by setting eagerEsModules to true:

  "relay": {
    "src": "./src",
    "schema": "./src/schema.graphql",
    "language": "typescript",
    "eagerEsModules": true,
    "exclude": ["**/node_modules/**", "**/__mocks__/**", "**/__generated__/**"]

Now your project is setup to use Relay with Vite!

How this plugin works

Under the hood we are invoking the official babel-plugin-relay. This ensures that our plugin and babel-plugin-relay do not get out of sync over time and also reduces the maintainance costs of this project.

Since v13 babel-plugin-relay automatically gets its configuration from either the package.json, relay.config.js or relay.config.json, so our plugin also doesn't have to expose a configuration API.

Common Issues

Uncaught ReferenceError: global is not defined

If you experience this error in your browser console when using the plugin add the following define to your index.html file before importing your Javascript:

  let global = globalThis;

Server Side Rendering

If you are planning to use this plugin with server side rendering you may need to define window. You could do this by putting the following snippet in your entry-server.js file.

if (typeof (window as any).global === 'undefined') {
  (window as any).global = globalThis;


git clone ...
pnpm i
# If you have never run Playwright run `npx playwright install` to setup your system.
cd examples/vite-3
pnpm dev

pnpm format # Do this before doing a commit

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