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    vite-plugin-pwa - Zero-config PWA for Vite
    Zero-config PWA Framework-agnostic Plugin for Vite

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    🚀 Features

    • 📖 Documentation & guides
    • 👌 Zero-Config: sensible built-in default configs for common use cases
    • 🔩 Extensible: expose the full ability to customize the behavior of the plugin
    • 🦾 Type Strong: written in TypeScript
    • 🔌 Offline Support: generate service worker with offline support (via Workbox)
    • Fully tree shakable: auto inject Web App Manifest
    • 💬 Prompt for new content: built-in support for Vanilla JavaScript, Vue 3, React, Svelte, SolidJS and Preact
    • ⚙️ Stale-while-revalidate: automatic reload when new content is available
    • Static assets handling: configure static assets for offline support

    📦 Install

    npm i vite-plugin-pwa -D 
    # yarn 
    yarn add vite-plugin-pwa -D
    # pnpm 
    pnpm add vite-plugin-pwa -D

    🦄 Usage

    🎩 From version 0.11.0, workbox has been updated to version 6.2.2 (previous versions were using 6.1.5 version): if you are using advanced configuration like workbox or injectManifest options, you must review the plugin configuration, since this new version of workbox has breaking changes!

    Add VitePWA plugin to vite.config.js / vite.config.ts and configure it:

    // vite.config.js / vite.config.ts
    import { VitePWA } from 'vite-plugin-pwa'
    export default {
      plugins: [

    Read the 📖 documentation for a complete guide on how to configure and use this plugin.

    Check out the client type declarations client.d.ts for built-in frameworks support.

    👀 Full config

    Check out the type declaration src/types.ts and the following links for more details.

    📄 License

    MIT License © 2020-PRESENT Anthony Fu


    npm i vite-plugin-pwa

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