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    Vite Plugin Img

    A Vite plugin to transform images in your HTML. For images, creates Responsive Images by cutting images at different sizes and formats. For gifs, transforms them into videos.


    First, install from NPM:

    $ npm install vite-plugin-img --save-dev

    Then, include the plugin in your Vite config:

    const { imgPlugin } = require('vite-plugin-img');
    module.exports = {
      plugins: [imgPlugin()],


    Images should be stored in, and referenced from, your Vite public directory. Then, write standard img tags referencing the images you want! As long as the img tag is in the rendered HTML, this plugin will pick it up and update it!


    The following options are available:

    • formats - The formats to include
      • formats.avif - Whether to output AVIF images. Boolean, defaults to true
      • formats.webp - Whether to output WebP images. Boolean, defaults to true
    • resize - Image resize options. Images won't be upscaled, and are based on image width
      • resize.min - Smallest image width to cut, in pixels. Number, defaults to 250
      • resize.max - Largest image width to cut, in pixels. Number, defaults to 1500
      • resize.step - Difference, in pixels, between the width of each image cut. Number, defaults to 150.
    • wrapSVG - Whether or not to wrap SVGs in picture elements. Boolean, defaults to false
    • attrs - Array of attribute names to include in wrapped picture element from the wrapping img tag. Defaults to ['class']
    • sizes - Default sizes attribute, if one isn't available. Defaults to 100vw
    • lazy - Whether to lazyload images using the loading attribute. Boolean, defaults to true
    • optimizer - Which image optimizer to use, sharp or squoosh. Sharp is faster, but results in larger file sizes. Squoosh is slower, but results in smaller file sizes. Performance is only affected on build, not during dev. Defaults to squoosh.




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