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about vistamare-smarthome

THX, based on with node-tradfri-client (npm pkg) and samsung-remote (npm pkg)

i wanted to create a central REST-service it received commands via POST

graph TD;
    POST[HTTP Get/Post] ---> NS([node Server]);
    NS ===> IKEA[IKEA Tradfri Gateway];
    NS ===> TV[Samsung TV];
    NS ===> scale[scalable ...ZigBee etc. ]
    NS -.-> |feedback| POST;
    IKEA ---> LIGHT(Light or another SmartHome Device);
    TV ---> CTR(TV Set Control Command);
-> e.g. 
{ "system":"TV","ID":"65537", "action":"KEY_POWEROFF","value":"0"}

or { "system":"IKEA","ID":"65537", "action":"toggle","value":"0"} or { "system":"TUYA","ID":"----device-id----", "IP":"----device IP-adr.-----","key":"------localKEY-(encr)----","action":"toggle","value":"0"}

to manage all the different smart-devices in my CASA.

At the end i use a normal Android-Phone to put a command via Icon on the screen für every action.

Therefore i use the APP HTTP-shortcuts (its one of the greatest app for me).

ARguments: 1. input the IKEA-Gateway IP-Adress (lets find out e.g. with fing-app) 2. input your Samsung-TV IP-Adress (lets find out e.g. with fing-app) 3. input your IKEA-Gateway-KEY (backside of the device) into ../util/connection.js 4. username for handshake (you can define by yourself) 5. password for handshake (you can define by yourself)

-> e.g run.> node server.js 123456ABCDEF user password

Lets start: - run with: node server.js arg1 arg2 arg3 arg4 arg5 - test with a simple Get: https://192.168.x.x:3000/status?id=all (adapt your server-address) - you must implement your own certificate or accept the testing selfsigned-cert (./security) into your browser - the response from ...?id=all give you the possible devices-IDs; with ...?id=12345 you can ask the curStatus of a device

Feature: - get status of one IKEA-device ../status?id=12345 - get info of all available IKEA-Commands - you see in the json-response (e.g.brightness) - get status of all exists IKEA-devices with there ID ../status?id=all - get info of all available TV-Keys (Samsung) ../status?id=tvkeys

Possible Device Structure (Smartphone as a Server and Control-Station)

    Smartphone <|--|> IKEA
    Smartphone <|--|> TV
    Smartphone: - Shortcut APP [with Widgets]
    Smartphone: - Termux Linux APP
    Smartphone: nodejs on Termux()
    Smartphone: vistamare-smartphone on nodejs()
    class IKEA{
    class TV{
        Remote Controlled


npm i vistamare-smarthome

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