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virtuoso.ini differs from regular .inis so existing parsers failed.

Basic Usage

vip = require 'virtuoso-ini-parser'

# read and parse an ini file

ini = vip.read_sync './virtuoso.ini'

# the ini variable now refers to a hash ( simple Object )
# containing all sections and values parsed from the ini
# comments and formatting are forever lost

# read some values from the hash ( Object )

console.log ini.Database.DatabaseFile # 'virtuoso.db'
console.log ini.Parameters.ServerPort # '1111'

# modify freely ( it's just a plain hash! )
ini.Parameters.ServerPort = '1112'

# you can also delete a complete section
delete ini.Mono

# and add a completely new section if you like
# no validation takes place ( you guessed, because it is just a hash )
ini.SelfDestruction = type: 'nuclear', delay: 1000

# introspect
for own section, params of ini
  for own key, value of params
    console.log "#{section}.#{key} = #{value}"

# store the hash in ini format again
# wherever you want
vip.write_sync './virtuoso.ini'

Other methods

The API exposes two more core methods:

# parse a string
ini = vip.parse ini_file_contents_as_string

# serialize a hash
ini_contents_as_string = vip.stringify ini

And a convenience method to apply overrides to inis. This simply iterates through the new section.key=values and applies them, setting values and/or creating sections as needed.

# load file
ini = vip.read_sync './virtuoso.ini'

# apply configuration changes
vip.override ini,
    DatabaseFile: '/tmp/db1/virtuoso.db'
    ServerPort: 1112
    NumberOfBuffers: 10000

# save
vip.write_sync './virtuoso.ini'