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A wrapper for rollup that produces a stream of Vinyl objects.

Install vinyl-rollup

This is a native ES module.


This example shows how to write a script which performs a vinyl-rollup based build. The build export of this script could also be used as a gulp task.

npm i -D rollup vinyl-rollup vinyl-fs

Create build.mjs:

#!/usr/bin/env node
import {pipeline} from 'stream';
import {promisify} from 'util';
import vinylFS from 'vinyl-fs';
import vinylRollup from 'vinyl-rollup';
import rollupConfig from './rollup.config.js';
export const build = () => promisify(pipeline)(
        rollup: rollupConfig,
        copyModules: true,
        modulePath: 'node_modules'
    vinylFS.dest('build', {sourcemaps: '.'})
build().catch(error => {

Create rollup.config.js for your application. See the rollup guide.

Option rollup

This object is used as the rollup configuration. If rollup.output.file is missing it will be set to the value of rollup.input. If rollup.output.vinylOptions is set it will be removed from the rollup output config and used as the default vinyl object options for the bundle output. This does not effect creation vinyl objects created for the copyModules option.

Option copyModules

By default this module will merge streams including package.json and license files from any external module that provided sources to the bundle. Setting copyModules to true will cause all files from these modules to be added to the stream, setting copyModules to false will disable copying any original files from bundled modules.

This option only has an effect if rollup is able to resolve 'external' modules. See rollup-plugin-node-resolve or rollup-plugin-babel with babel-plugin-bare-import-rewrite.

Option modulePath

Default value: 'node_modules'.

This is used by copyModules. Each bundled source is checked against this path so the list of included external modules can be calculated.


npm i vinyl-rollup

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