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Create a changes stream from couchdb and turn docs into Vinyl objects.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save vinyl-changes-stream


var changes = require('vinyl-changes-stream');



Create a stream of vinyl files from a couchdb changes stream provided by changes-stream. Files contain a stringified change object on file.contents and the raw JSON object on file.json. and file.seq are also populated with the .id and .seq from the change object.


  • options {Object|String}: Options object for passing additional options to changes-stream. If passed a string, that will be used for the db.
  • options.db {String}: The couchdb database to get changes from.
  • options.since {Number}: Optionally specify the seq id to start from. This seq id will not be included in the stream.
  • options.limit {Number}: Optionally specify a limit to how many changes are returned. Once the limit has been met, the stream will end.
  • returns {Stream}: Returns a stream to be used in a pipeline


  • emits: current When the stream has caught up to the current seq, the seq will be emitted.


 .on('current', function(seq) {
   console.log('caught up to the current update', seq);
 .pipe(through.obj(function(file, enc, next) {
   //=> 123456 'some-package-name' 
   next(null, file);



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Please read the contributing guide for advice on opening issues, pull requests, and coding standards.

Building docs

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To generate the readme, run the following command:

$ npm install -g verbose/verb#dev verb-generate-readme && verb

Running tests

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm install && npm test


Brian Woodward


Copyright © 2017, Brian Woodward. MIT

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