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This package has been split up. Each utility now lives in its own package.

See below to find the equivalent package for the utility you want to use:

vigour-util name npm package
descriptors descriptors
hash quick-hash
is/hash is-quick-hash
is/email nice-is-email
is/url nice-is-url
is/numberlike is-number-like
require enhance-require
is/touch is-touch
keyHash key-hash
recorder brisky-recorder
is/removed brisky-is-removed
strip/formatting strip-formatting
is/node is-node
is/number lodash.isfinite
is/stream is-stream
flatten obj-flatten
regenerator regenerator
unflatten unflatten
is/empty brisky-is-empty
is/obj brisky-is-obj
is/plainobj brisky-is-plain-obj
define define-configurable
get/reference brisky-get-reference
uuid uid