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the exchange API for nodejs module


$ npm install --save viewpoint


var EWSClient = require('viewpoint');
var client = new EWSClient(username, password, ewsUrl, config);
client.syncFolders().then(function(res) {
  console.log('sync folders successfully!');

More examples can refer to examples/ in the source repo.


Many API function return the Promise object. For simplicity, I will use Promise(ObjectType) to represent the Promise object that return the ObjectType object. e.g. for function foo that return Promise(Number), you can invoke it with foo().then(number) {}.



  • constructor: function(username, password, url, options). Constructor function

  • getFolder: function(folderId, opts). Get the specific folder by folderId

    • folderId: String or Object. The folderId can be like or {id: , changeKey: }. If you need distinguished id, then you should make folderId like {id: , type: 'distinguished'}

    • return: Promise(Folder). The Folder object

  • getFolders: function(folderIds, opts). Get folders by folderIds array

    • folderIds Array. The array of folderId used to get a list of folder

    • return: Promise(Array). Each item is Folder.

  • findFolders: function(opts). Get the folders by the opts

    • return: Promise(RootFolder)
  • createFolders: function(names, opts). Create the folders by the names

    • return: Promise(Array). Each item is Folder.
  • moveFolders: function(folderIds, opts). Move the folders that the id is in the folderIds.

    • return: Promise(Array). Each item is Folder.
  • syncFolders: function(opts). Synchronize the folders

    • opts: Object.

      • syncState: String. It represent the folders synchronization state.

      • folderShape: Object. The option represent what to return from server. It can like {baseShape: 'Default', additionalProperties: 'item:ParentFolderId'.

    • return: Promise(EWSSyncResponse).

  • syncFoldersWithParent: function(syncState). Synchronize the folders just like syncFolders but also the parentFolderId variable will return.

    • return: Promise(EWSSyncResponse).
  • getItem: function(itemId, opts). Get the message by the itemId.

    • itemId: String or Object. The item id is like {id: <id>} or <id>.

    • return: Promise(Item) or Promise(Message).

  • getItems: function(itemIds). Get the messages by itemIds.

    • itemIds: Array. Each item is String or Object.

    • return: Promise(Array). Each item is Message.

  • findItems: function(opts). Get the information of items that match the opts.

  • deleteItems: function(items). Delete the specific items.

  • moveItems: function(items, folder). Move the items to the destination folder.

    • folder: String or Object. The destination folder id.
  • copyItems: function(items, folder). Copy the items to the destination folder.

  • saveItems: function(opts). Save items in the specific folder.

  • sendItems: function(opts). Send items to destination mailbox.

  • sendAndSaveItems: function(opts). Send items to destination mailbox and save to the specific folder.

  • markRead: function(items). Mark the items to have read.

    • items: Array or Object. The Array of itemid or itemid.



  • totalCount: function(). The total count of items

    • return: Number
  • childFolderCount: function(). The count of child folders

    • return: Number
  • unreadCount: function(). The count of unread items

    • return: Number
  • folderClass: function(). The folder class such as 'IPF'

    • return: String
  • displayName: function(). The display name

    • return: String
  • folderId: function(). Get folder id object

    • return: Object
  • parentFolderId: function(). Get parent folder id object

    • return: Object



  • totalItemsInView: function(). Get the count of return items.

    • return: Number.
  • includesLastItemInRange: function(). Get whether or not the last item is included.

    • return: Bool
  • items: function(). Get the items of folder.

    • return: Array. The Array of Message.
  • folders: function(). Get the child folders of this folder.

    • return: Array. The Array of Folder.



  • syncState: function(). Get the current synchronization state.

    • return: String.
  • includesLastItemInRange: function(). Get whether the items include the last item.

    • return: Bool
  • creates: function(). Get the created items.

    • return: Array. Each item is Message.
  • updates: function(). Get the updated items.

    • return: Array. Each item is Message.
  • deletes: function(). Get the deleted items.

    • return: Array. Each item is Message that be deleted.


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using gulp.


Copyright (c) 2015 liuxiong. Licensed under the MIT license.



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