Shares views or templates between the server and client, making client side template pre-compilation and/or server side view pre-rendering easy.


W.I.P. Create precompiled clientside templates from serverside templates.

Intention is to have one set of templates for both serverside and clientside usage. As opposed to having separate, yet overlapping templates on both the server and client.

Work in progress. Presently Jade only.

$ npm install viewbridge

Install CLI tool globally

$ npm install -g viewbridge

options properties:

  • dir: Path to root of views/templates directory. Required.
  • views: Views to compile templates functions for. Required.
  • output: JS file to create.
  • namespace: Clientside namespace. Default is viewbridge.templates

callback(err, info)

  • err An if there was one. Otherwise null.
  • info properties:
    • file: The file created if the output option was set.
    • javascript: The generated JS as a string.

Assume an Express app "myapp" with the following directory stucture. (Express not required; templates can be located anywhere).

var viewbridge = require('viewbridge');
var options = {
  dir: '~/myapp/src/views'
, namespace: 'myapp.templates'
, output: '~/myapp/src/public/javascripts/templates.js'
, views: [
  , 'favorites/index' // Must specify index 
  , 'favorites/stats'
viewbridge(options, function(errinfo) {
  // ... 
Usage: viewbridge [options]
  -h, --help                    output usage information
  -V, --version                 output the version number
  -d, --dir <dir>               directory of template files - required
  -v, --views <view1,view2,..>  templates to compile - required
  -o, --output <output>         output file path - required
  -n, --namespace <namespace>  clientside namespace
  • Presently Jade only.
  • block, extend, yield, include, etc. do not work clientside.
  • Mixins do work.