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Video.js VLC

Video.js VLC Tech plug-in

A Video.js tech plugin that add VLC Media Player fallback.

Getting Started

VLC Web Plugin must be installed on the browser to work.

Once you've added the plugin script to your page, you can use it with any supported video:

  • Include JavaScript files
<script src="video.js"></script>
<script src="videojs-vlc.js"></script>
  • And add this new tech to the player:
data-setup='{ "techOrder": ["vlc"] }'

There's also a working example of the plugin you can check out if you're having trouble.


Plugin Options

This plugin doesn't have any option.

Supported content type

Supported content type will depends on your VLC installation, but basically it should support almost all audio and video formats.

As this cannot be determined in advance, this plug-in always return success on file type support test. It's why you should always put it at the end of techOrder property.


Building the plug-in is optional, you can directly use /lib/videojs-vlc.js file but it is good practice to be sure your environment is well configured. It will also simplify your test as you will be able to use /example.html sample file directly after build.

  • Install npm (node.js)
  • Install grunt: npm install -g grunt
  • Install project dependencies: npm install
  • Run grunt : grunt

Release History

  • 0.2.0
    • Fix poster image
    • Fix fullscreen
    • Fix autoplay
  • 0.1.0
    • Initial release

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