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  • General
    • Small browser dists by using all of the latest technologies
    • External source maps for all js and css files
    • Automatic licence/banner insertion at the top of minified files
    • support for linting js, css, documentation, and documenation examples (js only)
    • super fast incremental rebuilds --watch
  • JavaScript
    • es6 -> es5 for publishing on npm
    • Ability to support IE8 (or not) effortlessly (NOTE: this will add a lot of bytes to your dist)
    • Support for es6 -> es6 imports using jsnext:main pointing to es6 entry files in package.json
    • Support for shimming video.js so that it will be included in the page for testing but not included in the dist file
    • Automatic unit test generation for webpack and browserify
  • CSS
    • support for vanilla css with concatination via postcss-import (like require for css)
    • support for sass
  • Docs
    • API documenation generated into html files from jsdoc comments
    • Manual documenation generated into html files
    • Automatic table of contents for manual documenation
  • Test
    • QUnitjs supported out of the box
    • sinon supported out of the box (local installation not necessary or recommended)
    • Manual debuging via karma debug page and --watch
  • Server
    • --tunnel option to share your local dev server over the internet
    • sb-start to:
      • start a dev server
      • build everything and re-build on change
      • lint everything and re-lint on change
      • test everything and re-build tests on change
      • auto-reload when files change in
        • <project-root>/dist/**/*.js
        • <project-root>/dist/**/*.css
        • <project-root>/dist/**/*.html
        • <project-root>/examples/**/*.html
        • <project-root>/index.html
      • Proxy karma to http://localhost:9999/test so:
        • manual debugging is easier
        • it can be included in a tunnel over the internet
        • auto-reloads will happen when code changes
    • browser-sync which will:
      • reload on file change
      • offers a ui for configuration at http://localhost:10000
      • can be used to turn off auto reload etc.
  • Release mangagement
    • Support for use as an npm script or standalone
    • Does the following:
      1. Release un-released changelog entries with chg
      2. update the version in package.json
      3. support/build dists for bower in the tag so they don't clutter the main repo
      4. make a git commit with the version name as the message
      5. tag a git branch
      6. Advise the user on how to push to git, and publish to npm


  1. Run npm install --save-dev videojs-spellbook
  2. Read the sb man page to lean about how your project should be structured.

Things to know

  • jsnext:main must point to your es6 main file in each project that you want to bundle together (this will make the dist files much smaller).
  • global/sinon are included in spellbook and will be used for your project if your project does not have/need local versions. If you need the for browser dists though, you will have to install them

Known issues & Workarounds

  • rollup is not used during watch (rollupify and watchify don't play nice)
    • this is not really something that can be worked around yet but it should not be an issue as rollup will be used during build and watch should only be used in development
  • es6 code changes in sub projects don't trigger a rebuild on watch
    • This is due to rollupify not working with watchify, see the above issue. Have spellbook or your current build system watch your sub-project and rebuild its es5 dist on change.

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