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Track events with VideoJS and keep an eye on performance metrics. This has been tested with VideoJS 5 through 7, if you want to see if it works nicely with your version simply clone the repo and update package.json. Open index.html and press play -- watch the events stream through.


npm install --save videojs-event-tracking
yarn add videojs-event-tracking


To include videojs-event-tracking on your website or web application, use any of the following methods.

Initializing just like a normal videojs plugin does.

videojs('videodomid', {..., plugins: { eventTracking: true } });
// or
videoInstance.eventTracking({... config ...});

Current Events


This event is triggered when the video has been played for the first time. If you are looking to track play events, simply listen on the player for a normal "play" or "playing" event.

player.on('tracking:firstplay', (e, data) => console.log(data))

Data Attributes:

  • secondsToLoad: Total number of seconds between the player initializing a play request and when the first frame begins.


Tracks when users pause the video.

player.on('tracking:pause', (e, data) => console.log(data))

Data Attributes:

  • pauseCount: Total number of Pause events triggered


During playback, we are tracking how many times a person seeks, and the position a user has seeked to.

player.on('tracking:seek', (e, data) => console.log(data))

Data Attributes:

  • seekCount: total number of seeks that has occuring during this file
  • seekTo: Position, in seconds, that has been seeked to.


Tracks when the video player is marked as buffering and waits until the player has made some progress.

player.on('tracking:buffered', (e, data) => console.log(data))

Data Attributes:

  • currentTime: current second of video playback
  • readyState: video#readyState value
  • secondsToLoad: Total amount of time in seconds buffering took
  • bufferCount: Total buffer events for this source


Track Overall Percentile (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) of Completion. This event triggers each quarter of a video.

player.on('tracking:first-quarter', (e, data) => console.log(data))
player.on('tracking:second-quarter', (e, data) => console.log(data))
player.on('tracking:third-quarter', (e, data) => console.log(data))
player.on('tracking:fourth-quarter', (e, data) => console.log(data))

Data Attributes:

  • pauseCount: Total number of Pause events triggered
  • seekCount: Total number of Seek events triggered
  • currentTime: Current second video is on
  • duration: Total duration of video


note a little experimental

This event triggers when the player has changed sources, has ended, or has been destroyed.

player.on('tracking:performance', (e, data) => console.log(data))

Data Attributes:

  • pauseCount: Total number of Pause events triggered
  • seekCount: Total number of Seek events triggered
  • bufferCount: Total number of Buffer events triggered
  • totalDuration: Total duration provided by the file
  • watchedDuration: Total number of seconds watched, this excluses seconds a user has seeked past.
  • bufferDuration: Total seconds that buffering has occured
  • initialLoadTime: Seconds it took for the initial frame to appear

Special Requirement When initializing, you'll need to pass a function to the configuration for this plugin.

pluginConfig = {
  performance: function(data) {
    /** Use your preferred event tracking platform.
     *  Google Analytics? Amplitude? Piwik? Mixpanel?


npm i videojs-event-tracking

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