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    video.js MPEG-DASH Source Handler

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    A video.js source handler for supporting MPEG-DASH playback through a video.js player on browsers with support for Media Source Extensions.

    Table of Contents

    Getting Started

    Download videojs-contrib-dash. Include it in your web page along with video.js:

    <video id=example-video width=600 height=300 class="video-js vjs-default-skin" controls>
    <script src="video.js"></script>
    <!-- videojs-contrib-dash stylesheet -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="videojs-contrib-dash.css"></link>
    <!-- videojs-contrib-dash script -->
    <script src="videojs-contrib-dash.min.js"></script>
    var player = videojs('example-video');;

    Note that videojs-contrib-dash contains the code of Dash.js, so there is no need to load it separately.

    Checkout our live example if you're having trouble.

    Protected Content

    If the browser supports Encrypted Media Extensions and includes a Content Decryption Module for one of the protection schemes in the dash manifest, video.js will be able to playback protected content.

    For most protection schemes, the license server information (URL & init data) is included inside the manifest. The notable exception to this is Widevine-Modular (WV). To playback WV content, you must provide the URL to a Widevine license server proxy.

    For this purpose, videojs-contrib-dash adds support for a "keySystemOptions" array to the object when using the player.src() function:

      src: '',
      type: 'application/dash+xml',
      keySystemOptions: [
          name: 'com.widevine.alpha',
          options: {
            licenseUrl: ''

    Running Tests

    • In all available and supported browsers: npm test
    • In a specific browser: npm run test:chrome, npm run test:firefox, etc.
    • While development server is running, navigate to http://localhost:9999/test/ (note: port may vary, check console output)

    Tag and Release

    1. Make sure everything is committed.
    2. npm version * where * is major, minor, patch, etc. Read more about versioning.
    3. npm publish


    Apache-2.0. Copyright (c) Brightcove, Inc.


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