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This is a plugin for video.js.

It provides an A/B loop function, allowing a section of a video to be looped over repeatedly.

The settings can be changed dynamically, either programmatically or via a user interface.



Buttons are created on the control bar to set start and end times for the loop, and to enable and disable looping.

GUI screeshot

You can right click on the start and end buttons to skip to the start and end positions. If you right click on the loop button you can enable pausing before or after looping.

You can set the buttons not to create using the createButtons setup option.


The plugin is controlled by an internal opts object that looks something like this.


These can be set on plugin setup or dynamically via API commands.

Assuming video references a videojs player instance:

  • Look at video.abLoopPlugin for functions to call to control the loop.
  • The API methods can be chained together like this: video.abLoopPlugin.setStart().setEnd(8).goToStart().enable();
  • setStart and setEnd will set the start and end positions to the current video position if called with no parameter.
  • Options can be set with video.abLoopPlugin.setOptions({'optionname':value})
  • Options can be read with video.abLoopPlugin.getOptions() or to return some options video.abLoopPlugin.getOptions(["start","end"]).
    • You could save settings by writing this as JSON or whatever (see in samples folder for a crude example).
  • An onLoop callback can be set at video.abLoopPlugin.onLoopCallBack or in the setup options (see example below).
  • An onOptionsChange callback can be set at video.abLoopPlugin.onOptionsChange or in the setup options. This is useful if you implement your own interface.
  • You can also get and apply URL fragments to represent the looping section. E.g. #t=10,15.

API commands

setOptions(optionsObject): e.g. setOptions({"start":40,"end":45"}). Options not specified will not be set
getOptions(optionsObject?): e.g. getOptions(["start","end"]). Call without an argument to get them all.
goToStart(): set player currentTime to start time
setStart(startTime): e.g. startTime(30), startTime("0:34:23"). Call startTime() to set the startTime to the player's currentTime 
adjustStart(adjustmentInSec): e.g. adjustStart(-5). adjustStart("1m30s") or adjustStart("1:20:30") also work 
enable(): enable the plugin.
toggle(): change enabled status
cyclePauseOnLooping(): cycle between four different compinations of settings for pausing on looping
validateOptions(): set options to valid values if they are not already. This is called every time the loop condition is checked anyway, but you might want to use it manually if setting options while the player is paused or the plugin disabled
resetToInitialOptions: reset options to the ones provided on setup
playLoop(): for convenience, plays the loop from its start. Equivalent to abLoopPlugin.validateOptions().goToStart().enable()
player: reference to parent player object. e.g. video.abLoopPlugin.enable()
version: version number
applyUrl() : e.g. applyUrlFragment('http://path/to/video.mp4#t=12,13')
applyUrlFragment() : e.g. applyUrlFragment('#t=12,13'), applyUrlFragment('http://path/to/video/is/ignored/only/fragment/applied.mp4#t=12,13')
loopRequired(): returns true or false depending on whether the loop would be activated in the current state.


You could use the existing hotkeys plugin to make keyboard controls. See the samples directory for an example.

Sample usage

See the samples folder for working examples.

Include the script:

<script src="videojs-abloop.js"></script>

Alternatively source it from

<script src="">

You initialise the plugin with defaults, and then can set properties at runtime.

//initialise the video with the plugin and initial settings 
var video = videojs("videoid",{
    plugins: {
        abLoopPlugin: {
            start:50     //in seconds - defaults to 0 
            ,end:55     //in seconds. Set to  false to loop to end of video. Defaults to false 
            ,enabled:false //defaults to false 
            ,loopIfBeforeStart:false //allow video to play normally before the loop section? defaults to true 
            ,loopIfAfterEnd:true // defaults to true 
            ,pauseAfterLooping: false      //if true, after looping video will pause. Defaults to false 
            ,pauseBeforeLooping: false      //if true, before looping video will pause. Defaults to false 
            ,createButtons: true //defaults to true 
setTimeout(function() { 
    console.log("setting new start and end...");
} , 2000);
video.abLoopPlugin.onLoopCallBack = function(api,player){
    var opts = api.getOptions();
    console.log("Looping back to %s sec on %s",opts.start, player.currentSrc() );
    api.setOptions({'pauseAfterLoop': true}); 


  • Replace callback with event emission
  • Check compatibility with older browsers
  • Extend tests