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    Intro image carbon (3)

    More information and download: If you like it and want to say thanks, donations are welcome. ❤️

    How to use

    In code editors:

    1. Download the font
    2. Unpack the ZIP
    3. Install the font (all styles or the ones you want)
    4. Change the font settings in your code editor / IDE of choice to "Victor Mono"
    5. Optional Set the code theme to one you like. Check out, where you can download the official theme for your favourite terminals, editors and apps.
    6. Optional Modify the theme colours and its application of normal/italic/bold styles

    In apps, web pages or other projects:

    1. npm i victormono (installs Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic styles)
    2. import 'victormono' (in a typical modern JS setup, eg. Webpack/Vite)
    3. Style classes with font-family: 'Victor Mono', font-weight and font-style

    Alternative CDN hosting, best for online editors like CodePen:

    1. <link rel="stylesheet" href=""> in <head> or top of <body>
    2. Style classes with font-family: 'Victor Mono', monospace

    Font stylistics

    Available stylistics

    • ss01: Single-storey a
    • ss02: Slashed zero, variant 1
    • ss03: Slashed zero, variant 2
    • ss04: Slashed zero, variant 3
    • ss05: Slashed zero, variant 4
    • ss06: Slashed seven
    • ss07: Straighter 6 and 9


    • Sublime:

       "font_options": ["ss01"]
    • VScode:

       "editor.fontLigatures": "'ss01'"
    • Kitty:

       font_features VictorMono-Medium +ss01

    Example code previews

    carbon carbon (1) carbon (2) carbon (4) carbon (5) carbon (6) carbon (7)


    npm i victormono

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