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Viceroy Rest Driver

Control your empire

Battlefy introduces Viceroy. An ORM to rule them all. Viceroy uses 'middleware' to connect its models to their data sources. Any number of middleware can be connected to Viceroy or it is possible to read and write to many different types of databases with a single instance of Viceroy.

See the Viceroy Repo for more info.

Viceroy Rest

Getting started

This is a driver for making http requests to a rest server, preferably one powered by viceroy. This works in both node and in the browser. Check out the package.json for browserify build examples.


Config to Viceroy-Rest should include the following configs:

  host: 'localhost', //required 
  port: 8000, // optional 
  beforeSend: function(data) { // optional 
    return data;


var viceroyRest = require('viceroy-rest');
var viceroy = require('viceroy');
var util = require('util');
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 8000,
function Tournament() {
  viceroy.Model.apply(this, arguments);
    name: String,
util.inherits(Tournament, viceroy.Model);
viceroy.model('tournament', Tournament);
viceroy.connect(function() {
  // POST http://localhost:8000/tournaments => {name: 'My Tournament'} 
  Tournament.create({name: 'My Tournament'}, function(err, tournament) {});
  // GET http://localhost:8000/tournaments/123 
  Tournament.findOne({_id: "123"}, function(err, tournament) { = 'herp';
    // PUT http://localhost:8000/tournaments/123, tournament){ })
  // GET http://localhost:8000/tournaments 
  Tournament.find({}, function(err, tournaments) { });
  // GET http://localhost:8000/tournaments?name=My%20Tournament 
  Tournament.find({name: 'My Tournament'}, function(err, tournament) {});
  // DELETE http://localhost:8000/tournaments/123 
  Tournament.remove({_id: "123"}, function(err, tournament) {});