A server that quickly load and unload vhost express/connect apps


A cli based vhosts server for express/connect apps

npm install -g vhosts
> vhosts start
Daemon started with pid: 99999
> vhosts status
Daemon is running
> vhosts add www.mydomain.com /path/to/app.js
adding www.mydomain.com, /Users/kessler/dev/nodejs/vhosts/test/work/app.js
> vhosts remove www.mydomain.com
removing www.mydomain.com
> vhosts stop
Daemon was stopped
  vhosts service can
    ✓ stop (stop command) 
    ✓ start (start command)
    ✓ report status (status command)
    ✓ service different vhosts
    - lists vhosts
    add vhosts on the fly
      ✓ via file creation in cache directory
      ✓ via add command
    remove hosts on the fly
      ✓ via file deletion
      ✓ via remove command
    add wildcard hosts
      ✓ for windows os - a file with _ to represent *
      ✓ for windows os - a file _ to represent *
      ✓ via add command

Apart from adding domains->app.js mapping via cli one might also do so via direct file creation at the directory specified in the config. The name of the file should be the domain (substituting _ for *) and the content of the file should be the path to an app.js file

standard rc config, named vhosts

"port": 3000,
"directory": "/some/path",
"extensionBlacklist": [".swx", "swp"]
  • port - the port to use for the main web server
  • directory - where the domain to app path mapping resides (also see, directory-watcher)
  • extensionBlacklist - ignore files in the data directory with these extensions

one might also blend in sdt config options into main configuration


export DEBUG=vhosts*


set DEBUG=vhosts*



  • implement restart server
  • implement reload vhost