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    Veu.css is an MIT licensed open source project that contributes greatly to code development. A project in which we took a very long time to build the components precisely.


    Veu is a progressive framework for creating user interfaces. veu is not heavy, the frame is simple compared to others. Veu can perfectly cater to any size website. The framework is newly created and is constantly updated. Which makes learning interesting. Try here.

    Work Only HTML: When you realize how productive you can be in HTML only, you will be happy with predefined utility classes 🚀. Working differently will result in torture (while writing CSS) 🔥.

    You do not waste energy on inventing class names: No more adding stupid class names, a sidebar-inner-wrapper just to be able to style something, and no more fussing for a perfect abstract name, which is actually just a clever container.

    You feel safer when you make changes:
    CSS is global and you never know what you will break when making changes. Your HTML classes have local styles, so you can modify them, don't worry about breaking them.

    You will no longer need to create CSS: The traditional way that means using css. This is fine but when you add any functionality CSS gets loaded which further affects the speed of the website or other components. Veucss has a good way to do this you do not need to create CSS files. Because almost all the components are already with you in case of downloading.


    Veu can use many methods. To install


    You can find the Veu documentation on the website.

    Check out the Getting Started page for a quick overview.

    The documentation is divided into several sections:


    We have several examples on the website. Here is the first one to get you started:

     <div class="w-full">
      <p class="text-center font-bold">Hello Veu!</p>

    This example will render "Hello Veu!" into a container on the page.

    You will notice that we used HTML tags. And CSS classes. We can create very beautiful websites.


    The purpose of this repository is to develop Veu. To use quickly and easily. Veu is being developed in the open space on Github We are grateful for the community bug fixes and improvements. Read on to find out how you can get involved in improving Veu.


    npm i veucss

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