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Tools for VeryModel use in Hapi

Extending Model to be very hapi.

var verymodel = require('verymodel');
var veryhapi = require('verymodel-hapi');

var Person = new verymodel.VeryModel({
    name: {required: true},
    id: {},

//add hapi functionality to the model factory and instances

//extend every instance
    save: function () {
        //some db save
        var request = this.getRequest();
    refresh: function () {
        //kind of like load, but on an already instanciated method

//extend model factory
Person.load = function (id) {
    var obj = someDBQuery(id);
    return Person.create(obj);

Person.loadByName = function (name) {
    // ...

module.exports = Person;

Meanwhile, at the ranch...

function hapiRoute(request) {
    var nlf = Person.hapiCreate(request);
    //uses request.payload to create
    //nlf.getRequest() returns request

Importing Hapi Validators

See test.js for now