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SockJS Event Bus bridge for Vert.x 3

The vertx-eventbus.js file is a SockJS-based event bus bridge to connect your JavaScript frontend application to Vert .x 3.x. You can use it in a front-end application or in a node.js application.

If you already use a previous version of the bridge, please check the changelog below.

Retrieving the client with Gulp or NPM

The file is delivered as an NPM that you can download it using Bower or Gulp.

The dependency is:

"vertx3-eventbus-client": "3.5.1"

More information on:


Changes from the 3.0.x to 3.1

  • IMPORTANT: The API has been changed to be compatible with node.js and to be closer to the vert.x eventbus API .Creating the bridge is made using var eb = new EventBus("http://localhost:8080/eventbus"); instead of new vertx .EventBus.... In addition, registering a handler use the node convention: eb.registerHandler("metrics", function(err, res) {...} instead of ev.registerHandler("metrics", res).
  • The file name has been updated to eventbus-client.js