Put some vertical rhythm in your CSS. LESS, Stylus and SASS versions included.

Vertical Rhythm

LESS and CSS starting point for vertical rhythm with your typography.

This is just a starting point, but it should get you to your goal faster than starting from scratch. Please customize it to work with your own project.

Example list styles

.rhythm {
  h3 + ul.bullet-list,
  h3 + ul.numbered-list,
  h3 + ul.alpha-list,
  h3 + ol.numbered-list {
    margin-top: (@line-height-base / 2);

Designed to be mostly framework agnostic, although the baseline styles for normalizing are borrowed from Bootstrap. This means vertical-rhythm.less will make a good drop-in component for Bootstrap, but it can also be used standalone for any project.

In vertical-rhythm.less/css you will find two sections:

If you use Bootstrap or Foundation, just get rid these base styles before you drop vertical-rhythm.less into your project. This section is not strictly necessary for creating vertical rhythm, but they're a great starting point for any project.

The .rhythm styles are designed with sensible defaults that you should be able to use as is. Expect to use these styles as examples though, because every project is different and you will probably need to customize before you achieve vertical rhythm with the typography in your own project.

  • Have a suggestion, requests or correction? Please create an issue.
  • Contributions and requests are very welcome.
  • Please comment the code in your requests so I can easily and quickly evaluate it.

I'd like to add SASS/SCSS and Stylus versions, so if you want to contribute this before I have a chance to do it, I would be forever grateful.

Jon Schlinkert

The baseline section in the vertical rhythm component is based on type.less from the excellent Bootstrap, by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton.