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Version tracking data structure


A data structure for maintaining a tree of versions. This can be useful when implementing fully persistent data structures using the DTSS method. Works in both node.js and browserify. All operations use amortized O(1) space and time.

var createVersionTree = require("version-tree")
//Create a new tree 
var root = createVersionTree()
//Create two subversions 
var a = root.fork()
var b = root.fork()
//Compare root to children 
console.log(root.subversion(a), root.subversion(b), a.subversion(root), b.subversion(a))
// Prints out: 
//  true    true    false   false 
//Make a child version of a 
var c = a.fork()
console.log(root.subversion(c), a.subvsersion(c), b.subversion(c))
//Prints out: 
//    true    true    false 
npm install version-tree
var createVersionTree = require("version-tree")

Creates a new version tree with one root version

Creates a new subversion of tree.

Returns A new version which inherits from tree

Tests if other is a subversion of tree.

Returns true if other is an ancestor of tree, false otherwise

(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License