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Copyright Notice

VERN is copyright 2014 uh-sem-blee, Co. Built by typefoo.


You may not use, alter, or redistribute this code without permission from uh-sem-blee, Co.

VERN - Notify Service

Handles Email, SMS, Push Notifications, and vern-2-vern communications

  • Note that email is the only one complete at this time *

Configuration Requirements

email_notifications: true,
development: {
  use_smtp: true,
  smtp_service: 'SMTP',
  smtp_host: '',
  smtp_port: 465,
  smtp_secure: true,
  smtp_username: 'AWS_APIKEY',
  smtp_password: 'AWS_APISECRET',
  email_from_name: 'Website Admin',
  email_from: '',
  mailer_defaults: {} // a key/value pair to be applied to all email templates 

New VERN Controllers

  • AWSController

New VERN Models

  • AWSResourceModel


    to: '',
    subject: 'A test from vern-notify',
    template: 'testing',
    vars: {
      test: 'ABCDEFG'
    to: '',
    subject: 'A test from vern-notify',
    template: 'testing',
    vars: {
      test: '1234567890'
  }]).then(function(mailer) {
    mailer.send().then(function(res) {
    }).fail(function(err) {
  }).fail(function(err) {