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Copyright Notice

VERN is copyright 2014 uh-sem-blee, Co. Built by typefoo.


You may not use, alter, or redistribute this code without permission from uh-sem-blee, Co.

VERN - Twitter Authentication

Handles basic user/password authentication routines for Twitter

Configuration Requirements

development: {
  Twitter_clientId: 'TWITTER_CLIENT_ID',
  Twitter_clientSecret: 'TWITTER_CLIENT_SECRET',
  Twitter_redirectUri: '',
  Twitter_oauthPath: '/oauth/twitter', // optional, can customize path for incoming oauth redirect 
  Twitter_oauthForwardUri: '!/oauth/twitter', // optional, for using a forwarding uri  
  oauth_port: 8999, // optional, for using the oauth forwarder 

New VERN Controllers

  • TwitterController

Authentication Methods

loginTwitter - Handles Twitter account identification and authentication