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overly helpful semver version bumper (update package, search for build meta tags in html files, and push a git tag)


overly helpful semver version bumper

sudo npm install verily -g
  • bump build on prerelease (sorry you can't name prereleases: '1.2.3', 'major', 'minor', 'patch', or '-h')

        verily alpha
        verily rc2
        verily my-special-name
  • bump part of the version

        verily major
        verily minor
        verily patch
  • start development on a new version

        verily 1.2.3-alpha
  • publish specific version

        verily 1.2.3
  • force publish specific version

        verily 1.2.3 --force
  • config file
  • flag for tagging
  • npm publishing
  • flag for publishing
  • break out components into useful modules
  • make string replacement configurable