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A pluggable logging utility with built-in colors, styles, and modes.


A pluggable logging utility with built-in colors, styles, and modes.

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Install with npm:

$ npm install verbalize --save
var Verbalize = require('verbalize');


Create an instance of Verbalize with the given options.


  • options {Object}


var logger = new Verbalize({verbose: true});


Base formatting.

  • returns {String} msg


Write to the console.

  • returns {String} msg


Write to the console followed by a newline. A blank line is returned if no value is passed.

  • returns {String} msg


Write formatted output.

  • returns {String}


Write formatted output followed by a newline.

  • returns {String}


Style a basic separator.

  • returns {String}


Stylize the given msg with the specified color.


  • color {String}: The name of the color to use
  • msg {String}: The args to stylize.
  • returns {String}


Define non-enumerable property key with the given value.


  • key {String}
  • value {any}
  • returns {String}


Static method to create a new constructor. This is useful in tests and places where the original prototype should not be updated.


var MyLogger = Verbalize.create();
var logger = new MyLogger();
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  • base-logger: Add a verbalize logger to your base application. | homepage
  • log-events: Create custom, chainable logging methods that emit log events when called. | homepage

Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

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$ npm install verb && npm run docs

Or, if [verb][] is installed globally:

$ verb

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm install -d && npm test

Jon Schlinkert

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