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One of these days I was looking for a library that would allow me to do simple set operations, mostly intersection and unions. There's so many that do it, like underscore, the problem I found was that none of them had a fluent API, so I took a take on doing my own.

Compatible with AMD and node.

getting started

A venn set is just an array on steroids:

  var venn = require("venn")
  console.log(venn) // [1,2] 


You can now chain operations to this set, using union or or:

      .or([5]) // [1,2,3,4,5] 

union and or are just alias for the same operation.


      .intersection([1,5]) // [1] 

if you prefer you can also use and instead of intersection


If you want to be negative about it, you can check out not

      .not([5]) // [1,2,3] 

chaining everything

Or a mix of everything

      .or([2]) // [1,5,2] 


If you're crazy you can use venn without a key function. We'll just figure it out how to index the objects.

        {name: "vitor", age: "23"}
      , {name: "khov",  age: "24"}
      , {name: "pat",   age: "30"}])
        {name: "vitor",  age: "23"}
      , {name: "newguy", age: "0"}
      , {name: "pat",    age: "50"}])
        {name: "khov", age : "10"}
      , {name: "nuno", age : "20"}]) 
    // vitor, khov and nuno 

Key function

But really, write your own key function:

    var myKeyFunction = function(item) {
        {name: "vitor", age: "100"}
      , {name: "khov",  age: "100"}], myKeyFunction)
        {name: "vitor", age: "0"}
      , {name: "khov",  age: "0"}
        {name: "khov",  age : "-100"}
      , {name: "nuno",  age : "20"}]) 
    // vitor, khov(the first of them), nuno 

Some notes

  • The keyFunction only needs to be set once for each venn object (as you would expect)
  • Don't forget if you apply a built-in array function like filter or map the returning object is not a venn object (as you would once again expect)

Let me know if there are improvements I can do to the library. I might take some time to implement the other less used set operations.