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a develop tools for web sync files

A personal tools

npm install -g vast-tools
vast command [arg1] [args]...

if your want modify local code, and upload it on a server. can use it, auto upload && auto refresh by websocket

node bin/start.js

you can start a port listener on

set your port on config/config.js server.port=80


vast sync --dir ../demo target uniquekey

will watch all file changed under process->../demo folder,

which is can match reg in config/config.js command.sync.supportFileReg like


when your local file changed, server will sync changed file, and auto refresh html page by websocket.

it worked with nodeppt as core module, thank the author very much.

Nodeppt is a tools for build markdown doc to ppt. my tools can remote it by mobile.


vast nodeppt start --dir . --port 8080

you will see that if success

myppt|⇒ nodeppt start -p 5353 -d .
Server :
ppt directory    : /Users/vastwu/Documents/nodeppt/myppt/
assets directory : /usr/local/lib/node_modules/nodeppt/assets/

-d is your mdppt folder path, -p is listen port. more info about nodeppt you can see the author page.

when you open the ppt like press q you will see a QR code, use mobile open it can control your ppt.