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Vasille Core Library

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Vasille core library is frontend solution for safe, fast & powerful applications.

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npm install vasille --save
npm install vasille-less --save
npm install vasille-magic --save

How to use Vasille

There are several modes to use Vasille.

Documentation for beginners (how to create the first project step by step):

Full documentation:

Getting ready be example

How SAFE is Vasille

The safe of your application is ensured by

  • 100% coverage of vasille code by unit tests. Each function, each branch are working as designed.
  • strong typing makes your javascript/typescript code safe as C++ code. All entities of vasille core library are strong typed, including:
    • data fields & properties.
    • computed properties (function parameters & result).
    • methods.
    • events (defined handlers & event emit).
    • DOM events & DOM operation (attributing, styling, etc.).
    • slots of component.
    • references to children.
  • What you write is what you get - there is no hidden operations, you can control everything.
  • No asynchronous code, when the line of code is executed, the DOM and reactive things are already synced.

How FAST is Vasille

The test project was coded using the next frameworks:

The result of test are demonstrated in figures 1 & 2. The test result are measured in FPS (frames per second), which is calculated as 1000 / ft, where ft is an average frame time in ms of 20 frames. All values are absolute. Higher is better.

The initial version is updating all the page content in each frame. The page reactivity connections are very complex, and we get poor results in Angular, React, Vue & Svelte.

The optimized version disables the offscreen & non-actual content, which simplifies the reactivity complexity in time. Angular & Svelte give result similar to Vasille. React & Vue continue to be slow in the beginning of test.

Conclusion: The reactivity system of Vasille is very fast and its complexity is not slowing down the application.


Figure 1: Initial version

results 1


Figure 2: Optimized version

results 2

How POWERFUL is Vasille

The secret of Vasille is a good task decomposition. The core library is composed of an effective reactive module and a DOM generation engine based on it.

Reactivity Module

Reactivity module is used to create a model of data. It can contain self-updating values, forward-only shared data. Reactivity of objects/fields can be disabled/enabled manually.

Reactivity Module

  • Destroyable is an entity which has a custom destructor.
  • IValue<T> is a common interface for any value container, with next members:
    • get $ gets the encapsulated value.
    • set $ manually update the encapsulated value, if enabled triggers updating of all linked data.
    • disable disables the reactivity.
    • enable enables the reactivity and triggers updating of all linked data.
  • Reference<T> contains a value of type T.
  • Mirror<T> syncs self value with another IValue container, can be used to share a value forward-only.
  • Pointer<T> same as Mirror, but it can switch between IValue target anytime.
  • Expression<ReturnType, Args...> is a self-updating value.
  • Reactive is a reactive object which can have multiple reactive fields, emit/receive events/signals.

DOM Generation Engine

DOM Generation Engine is used to describe a virtual DOM of reactive fragments, which will be reflected into a browser DOM and keep up to date it.

DOM Generation Engine

  • Fragment describes a virtual DOM node, which has siblings, children, parent & slots.
  • TextNode reflects a Text node.
  • INode reflects a Element node.
  • Tag reflect a self created Element node.
  • Extension reflects an existing Element node.
  • Component reflects a Element node created by a Tag child.
  • AppNode is root of a Vasille application, can be used to create applications in application.
  • App is root of a definitive Vasille application.
  • DebugNode reflects a Comment node, useful for debug.
  • Watch recompose children nodes on model value change.
  • RepeatNode creates multiples children nodes using the same code multiple time.
  • BaseView represent a view in context of MVC (Model-View-Controller).
  • ObjectView repeats slot content for each value of ObjectModel.
  • MapView repeats slot content for each MapModel value.
  • SetView repeats slot content for each SetModel value.
  • ArrayView repeats slot content for each ArrayModel value respecting its order.


ES2015 version
<script src=""></script>
ES5 Compatible version
<script src=""></script>

Flow.js typedef

Add the next lines to [libs] section in your .flowconfig file


Best Practices applicable to Vasille Core Library


If you have questions, fell free to contact the maintainer of project:

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