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Find and pull variable values from complex objects.


 npm install variable-extrapolator


var ext = require('variable-extrapolator').getInstance();

var tpl = ext.createTemplate({
  url: '/user/{id}',
  method: 'GET'

var results = ext.analyze({
  url: '/user/bcarr',
  method: 'GET'
}, tpl);

Understanding the results of analyze()

the analyze() method accepts any complex object and a previous generated template against which keys and values of the provided object will be matched. If the object contains properties whose values match the template, then those values are extracted as tokens in the results of the call. The return results will also contain a property named points which is a number indicating the total number of variable matchers that are declared in the template, as well as a matched property which contains a value representing the percentage of matches the object contained according to the template. If a 1 is returned in this value, then 100% of the provided object matched the template.


npm test


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