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    The analytics of your website, but simpler

    Vantevo Analytics is the alternative platform to Google Analytics that respects privacy, because it does not need cookies not compliant with the GDPR. Easy to use, light and can be integrated into any website and back-end.

    For more information visit the website


    npm install vantevo-analytics-tracker


    To start tracking page views and events, you need to initialize your tracker first:

    import VantevoAnalytics from "vantevo-analytics-tracker";
    const { vantevo } = VantevoAnalytics({
     "excludePath": [],
     "dev": false,
     "hash": false,
     "domain": null

    These are the parameters available for the tracker settings, all fields are optional.

    Option Type Description Default
    excludePath array (Optional) You can exclude one or more pages from the statistics, settings []
    dev boolean (Optional) Tracker will not send data to server, please check browser console to view request information. false
    hash boolean (Optional) Allows tracking based on URL hash changes. false
    domain string (Optional) Use this option when the script is installed on a different domain than the one entered on Vantevo Analytics. To use this function remember to authorize the domain to be able to save the statistics, for more information read more. null

    VantevoAnalytics() returns the functions you can use to keep track of your events.

    • vantevo(): Page views monitoring, event management and goals.

    • enableTracker(): Allows you to track page views automatically, the script uses the popstate event to navigate the site.

    • enableOutboundLinks(): Allows you to monitor all outbound links from your site automatically, the script uses the click and auxclick events.

    • enableTrackFiles(extensions , saveExtension): It allows you to automatically monitor all files to be downloaded from your site. The function has 2 parameters: extensions and saveExtension.

    Parametro Type Description Default
    extensions string (required) extensions consists of a comma separated list of extensions, example: zip, mp4, avi, mp3. Whenever a user clicks on a link, the script checks if the file extension is in the list you entered in the parameter and sends a File Download event with the value url. null
    saveExtension boolean (optional) saveExtension allows you to save in the event detail together with the url also the name of the file extension as meta_key to get more information and statistics about your files to download. false
    The script uses the click and auxclick events.

    The script uses the addEventListener () method for the enableTracker, enableOutboundLinks and enableTrackFiles functions, to remove the registered event listener each function will return a clean function removeEventListener():

    import VantevoAnalytics from "vantevo-analytics-tracker";
    const { enableTracker, enableOutboundLinks, enableTrackFiles } = VantevoAnalytics({...});
    const cleanTracker = enableTracker();
    const cleanOutboundLinks = enableOutboundLinks();
    const cleanEnableTrackFiles = enableTrackFiles("zip,mp4,avi", true);

    Page view monitoring and event management

    Simple Pageview

    Submit a pageview using location.href as the request URL and document.title for the page title.

    import VantevoAnalytics from "vantevo-analytics-tracker";
    const { vantevo } = VantevoAnalytics({...});
    /*** or ***/

    Pageview change pathname of url

    You can submit a custom pageview where you can change the pathname of the page. In the example below, the page URL is with the pathname=/blog and thepage=2 parameter (the page = 2 parameter will be ignored, see guide), using the pageview event with the meta parameter of type {path:"/blog/page/2"} , the script will save as page pathname: /blog/page/2.

    import VantevoAnalytics from "vantevo-analytics-tracker";
    const { vantevo } = VantevoAnalytics({...});
    vantevo("pageview", { path: "/blog/page/2" }, () => {});

    Pageview change title page

    Vantevo uses document.title to get the full title of the page, in this example you will see how you can change the page title.

    import VantevoAnalytics from "vantevo-analytics-tracker";
    const { vantevo } = VantevoAnalytics({...});
    vantevo("pageview", { title: "New Title Page" }, () => {});


    An example of how to send an event with the name "Download" and with the information meta_key=pdf and meta_value=presentation, the meta parameter is a simple json.

    Vantevo Analytics handles the meta_key=duration, the value of this field is of type Number. With the duration parameter it is possible to send a number (seconds) with the event that will be used to calculate the average duration of the event itself.

    import VantevoAnalytics from "vantevo-analytics-tracker";
    const { vantevo } = VantevoAnalytics({...});
    vantevo("download", { pdf: "presentation" }, () => {});
    /*** or ***/
    vantevo("video", { title: "presentation", duration: 30 }, () => {});


    Option Type Description Default
    event string (Optional) Event Name. pageview
    meta object (Optional) An object with custom properties for events. {}
    callback function (Optional) A function that is called once the event has been successfully logged. null

    404 - Page Not Found

    For the management of the error 404 - Page Not Found page we have created a specific event. This function will automatically save a 404 event and the pathname of the page as a value.

    You can find the information collected through this function on the Events page.

    import VantevoAnalytics from "vantevo-analytics-tracker";
    const { vantevo } = VantevoAnalytics({...});
    vantevo("404", {}, () => {}));

    Vantevo Analytics guide

    To see all the features and settings of Vantevo Analytics we recommend that you read our complete guide here.


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