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Vanilla JS - fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework

jQuery-like Aliases (NOT Wrappers) to HTML5 Selector API / Raw Document

  • Cross-browser compatible*
    • *HTML5 Selector API is IE8+
    • *XMLHttpRequest is IE7+
    • *Element.prototype is IE8+
  • Forget chaining; its too expensive

Inspired by the classic parody


# btw its XHR, not AJAX 
# in Node.js callback style 
$.xhr 'GET'''''(err, data, status, xhr) ->
  return console.log errdatastatusxhrxhr.readyStatexhr.status if err
  console.log status
  console.log data
= $.liveTag('p')
pp = $.all('p')
console.log p.length
console.log pp.length
#console.log $.one('body').append($.create('p')) 
console.log $.create('p').appendTo($.one('body'))
console.log p.length # will be +1 
console.log pp.length # will be same as before 

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Commented code is in ./coffee/