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A wrapper to draw primitive shapes with canvas


Vandal's API allows the user to chain multiple calls -typically off the .draw() function - to create the desired behavior. For instance you can make repeated calls from .draw() with each passing an argument stating what to do or which options to take:

var vandal = new Vandal();
var canvas = document.querySelector('canvas');
vandal.use(canvas).draw('pallete')({fillStyle : '#ff0033'})('shape')('rectangle')(10, 10, 100, 200);


canvasObj being a canvas element. This will be used throughout the use of the vandal instance.


The first call of this function should tell the vandal instance which object you want to start using, pallete or `shape'.

  • pallete

    Calling .draw() with this argment will return a function to set canvas style properties. Simply pass an object with the name/values of the properties you wish to use.

    Passing a style object will return .draw() again, to either set/reset new styles or create a shape.

  • shape

    Calling .draw() with the "shape" argument will return a function that allows the user to choose a shape to render on the canvas. Current options are "rectangle", "circle", "triangle", "line", and "text".

    After passing a shape, a new function is returned that, depending on shape chosen, will require arguments for positioning and dimensions in order to finally draw upon the canvas.

    • rectangle(Xpos, Ypos, Width, Height)

    • circle(Xpos, Ypos, Radius)

    • triangle(Obj{x,y}, Obj{x,y}, Obj{x,y})

    • line(Obj{x,y} Obj{x,y})

      minimum 2 Objects with x & y properties, no hard maximum.

    • text(String, Xpos, Ypos)

After passing the plot argument(s), the vandal instance is returned, and the cycle can continue. The examples folder shows each shape being created.


Clears the canvas, typically to prepare for redraw.


Repeats callback function using requestAnimationKeyframe(). This function will take care of clearing the canvas and repeated calls of requestAnimationFrame. The callback function is passed three arguments:

  • scope - this would be the vandal instance that made the call.
  • increment - an integer, starting with 1 that is a reference the number of times an animation frame is called
  • timestamp - the timestamp passed from requestAnimationKeyframe()

The animation will repeat until/unless the callback returns a boolean value of false. For instance, if you wanted to end the animation after a line is 100 pixels long, you would return true until the line is the desired length, which would then have your callback function return false, thus stoping your animation sequence.

var vandal = new Vandal();
vandal.use(canvas).animate(function(scope, increment, timestamp){
    scope.draw('shape')('line')({x: 0, y: 150}, {x: inc, y: 150});
    return inc < 100 ? true : false;


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