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valuepack-core build status

Core utils and configurations for valuepack, the community driven rating system for nodejs modules on npm in order to help in selecting the right one.

Read more about its goals.


This module is not at all useful by itself. I only put it on npm to get proper versioning and all the other npm goodness when managing valuepack dependencies.

Data organization

Two data stores, one for mining and one for analysis in order to allow updating, re-creating, etc. each separately.

Each data store is divided into sublevels which are documented here.

mine sublevels should be accessed from the common mine/sublevels.js module.

Data mapping and querying

Several helpers to facilitate querying and/or mapping mine data across numerous sublevels exist in mine/map.js

Mapping API

npmUserToPackageInfoStream(npmPackages, byOwner, username)

 * Maps the npm username to a stream of package infos for packages the user owns.
 * @name npmUserToPackageInfoStream
 * @function
 * @param npmPackages {Sublevel} npm.packages
 * @param byOwner {Sublevel} npm.byOwner
 * @param username {String} npm username
 * @return {Stream} packageInfos from npmPackages sublevel, each info has the following properties:
 *  - user: npm user name
 *  - pack: npm package info