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Node.js server application to track and reward validator performance, and report on the state of the ripple peer network.

a Sails application


Add db configuration to config/config.json

sequelize db:migrate --url YOUR_POSTGRES_DB_URL



Basic Authentication

To require basic http authentication set the following environment variables:

  • BASIC_AUTH_USER (default undefined)
  • BASIC_AUTH_PASS (default undefined)

If both variables are set validator-registry-api will require basic auth in order to POST to /validations

HTML Pages


Validators and Validations

GET /validators
GET /validators/:validation_public_key
GET /validators/:validation_public_key/validations
GET /ledgers/:ledger_hash/validations
GET /ledgers/:ledger_hash/validations/:validation_public_key
POST /validations
Request parameters
  • validation_public_key
  • ledger_hash
  • reporter_public_key