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    Vacuum Card

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    Vacuum cleaner card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI

    By default, Home Assistant does not provide any card for controlling vacuum cleaners. This card displays the state and allows to control your robot.

    Preview of vacuum-card


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    This card is available in HACS (Home Assistant Community Store).

    Just search for Vacuum Card in plugins tab.


    1. Download vacuum-card.js file from the latest-release.
    2. Put vacuum-card.js file into your config/www folder.
    3. Add reference to vacuum-card.js in Lovelace. There's two way to do that:
      1. Using UI: ConfigurationLovelace DashboardsResources Tab → Click Plus button → Set Url as /local/vacuum-card.js → Set Resource type as JavaScript Module. Note: If you do not see the Resources Tab, you will need to enable Advanced Mode in your User Profile
      2. Using YAML: Add following code to lovelace section.
          - url: /local/vacuum-card.js
            type: module
    4. Add custom:vacuum-card to Lovelace UI as any other card (using either editor or YAML configuration).


    This card can be configured using Lovelace UI editor.

    1. In Lovelace UI, click 3 dots in top left corner.
    2. Click Configure UI.
    3. Click Plus button to add a new card.
    4. Find Custom: Vacuum Card in the list.
    5. Choose entity.
    6. Now you should see the preview of the card!

    Sorry, no support for actions, shortcuts and stats in visual config yet.

    Typical example of using this card in YAML config would look like this:

    type: 'custom:vacuum-card'
    entity: vacuum.vacuum_cleaner
        service: xiaomi_miio.vacuum_clean_segment
          entity_id: vacuum.vacuum_cleaner
          segments: [16, 20]
        - attribute: filter_left
          unit: hours
          subtitle: Filter
        - attribute: side_brush_left
          unit: hours
          subtitle: Side brush
        - attribute: main_brush_left
          unit: hours
          subtitle: Main brush
        - attribute: sensor_dirty_left
          unit: hours
          subtitle: Sensors
        - entity_id: sensor.vacuum_main_brush_left
          value_template: '{{ (value | float(0) / 3600) | round(1) }}'
          subtitle: Main brush
          unit: hours
        - attribute: cleaning_time
          unit: minutes
          subtitle: Cleaning time
      - name: Clean living room
        service: script.clean_living_room
        icon: 'mdi:sofa'
      - name: Clean bedroom
        service: script.clean_bedroom
        icon: 'mdi:bed-empty'
      - name: Clean kitchen
        service: script.clean_kitchen
        icon: 'mdi:silverware-fork-knife'

    Here is what every option means:

    Name Type Default Description
    type string Required custom:vacuum-card
    entity string Required An entity_id within the vacuum domain.
    map string Optional An entity_id within the camera domain, for streaming live vacuum map.
    map_refresh integer 5 Update interval for map camera in seconds
    image string default Path to image of your vacuum cleaner. Better to have png or svg.
    show_name boolean true Show friendly name of the vacuum.
    show_status boolean true Show status of the vacuum.
    show_toolbar boolean true Show toolbar with actions.
    compact_view boolean false Compact view without image.
    stats object Optional Custom per state stats for your vacuum cleaner
    actions object Optional Override default actions behavior with service invocations.
    shortcuts object Optional List of shortcuts shown at the right bottom part of the card with custom actions for your vacuum cleaner.

    stats object

    You can use any attribute of vacuum or even any entity by entity_id to display by stats section:

    Name Type Default Description
    entity_id string Optional An entity_id with state, i.e. sensor.vacuum.
    attribute string Optional Attribute name of the stat, i.e. filter_left.
    value_template string Optional Jinja2 template returning a value. value variable represents the entity_id or attribute state.
    unit string Optional Unit of measure, i.e. hours.
    subtitle string Optional Friendly name of the stat, i.e. Filter.

    actions object

    You can defined service invocations to override default actions behavior. Available actions to override are start, pause, resume, stop, locate and return_to_base.

    Name Type Default Description
    service string Optional A service to call, i.e. script.clean_bedroom.
    service_data object service_data for service call

    shortcuts object

    You can defined custom scripts for custom actions i.e cleaning specific room and add them to this card with shortcuts option.

    Name Type Default Description
    name string Optional Friendly name of the action, i.e. Clean bedroom.
    service string Optional A service to call, i.e. script.clean_bedroom.
    icon string Optional Any icon for action button.
    service_data object service_data for service call


    This card can be styled by changing the values of these CSS properties (globally or per-card via card-mod):

    Variable Default value Description
    --vc-background var(--ha-card-background, var(--card-background-color, white)) Background of the card
    --vc-primary-text-color var(--primary-text-color) Vacuum name, stats values, etc
    --vc-secondary-text-color var(--secondary-text-color) Status, stats units and titles, etc
    --vc-icon-color var(--secondary-text-color) Colors of icons
    --vc-toolbar-background var(--vc-background) Background of the toolbar
    --vc-toolbar-text-color var(--secondary-text-color) Color of the toolbar texts
    --vc-toolbar-icon-color var(--secondary-text-color) Color of the toolbar icons
    --vc-divider-color var(--entities-divider-color, var(--divider-color)) Color of dividers
    --vc-spacing 10px Paddings and margins inside the card

    Styling via theme

    Here is an example of customization via theme. Read more in the Frontend documentation.

      vc-background: '#17A8F4'
      vc-spacing: 5px

    Styling via card-mod

    You can use card-mod to customize the card on per-card basis, like this:

    type: 'custom:vacuum-card'
    style: |
      ha-card {
        --vc-background: #17A8F4;
        --vc-spacing: 5px;


    I've added some animations for this card to make it alive. Animations are applied only for image property. Here's how they look like:

    Cleaning Docking
    Cleaning anumation Returning anumation

    Supported languages

    This card supports translations. Please, help to add more translations and improve existing ones. Here's a list of supported languages:

    • English
    • Українська (Ukrainian)
    • Deutsch (German)
    • Français (French)
    • Italiano (Italian)
    • Nederlands (Dutch)
    • Polski (Polish)
    • Русский (Russian)
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Čeština (Czech)
    • Magyar (Hungarian)
    • עִבְרִית (Hebrew)
    • Português (Portuguese)
    • Português Brasileiro (Brazilian Portuguese)
    • Svenska (Swedish)
    • Norsk bokmål (Norwegian)
    • Norsk nynorsk (Norwegian)
    • Dansk (Danish)
    • 한국어 (Korean)
    • Suomi (Finnish)
    • Català (Catalan)
    • 正體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
    • Việt Nam (Vietnamese)
    • Lietuvių (Lithuanian)
    • Română (Romanian)
    • 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
    • Your language?

    Supported models

    This card relies on basic vacuum services, like pause, start, stop, return_to_base, etc. It should work with any robot vacuum, however I can physically test it only with my own robot vacuum.

    If this card works with your vacuum cleaner, please open a PR and your model to the list.

    • Roborock S7, S6 (MaxV, Pure), S5 (Max), S50, S4 (Max), E25, E4
    • Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C (STYTJ01ZHM)
    • Xiaomi Mi Robot (STYJ02YM), Mi Robot 1S, Mi Roborock V1 (SDJQR02RR), Mijia 1C, Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P
    • Roomba 670, 675, 676, 960980, 981, i3, i7+, e5, S9, s9+, j7
    • Braava M6
    • Dyson 360 Eye
    • Neato D7, D6, D4
    • Shark IQ
    • Ecovacs Deebot 950, Deebot OZMO T8 AIVI, Deebot N79, Deebot N8, Deebot N8+, T9 AIVI
    • Eufy Robovac 30c, Robovac 15C Max
    • EcoVacs T9 AIVI
    • Dreame Z10 Pro, L10 Pro, D9, F9
    • 360 S7 Pro
    • KaBum! Smart 500
    • Your vacuum?


    Want to contribute to the project?

    First of all, thanks! Check contributing guideline for more information.


    This project is heavily inspired by:

    • MacBury Smart House — basically, this project is a refinement of MacBury's custom card.
    • Benji vacuum card — this is where I noticed this vacuum card design for the first time.

    Huge thanks for their ideas and efforts 👍


    MIT © Denys Dovhan


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