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    v-Tostini is really plain toast notifications mechanism for Vue.js 2.x. There is no CSS included, which means that you need to add your own flavor for it. Just like with tostini - no one will tell you how it should look like ;)


    Getting Started


    This package is using UMD pattern.


    1. Install it (or download):

      npm i v-tostini
    2. Require in your project:

      const vTostini = require('v-tostini');
    3. Tell Vue to use it:

    4. Now simply place tostini-plate in your HTML:

      <tostini-plate />
    5. Call from any Vue instance:

        message: 'Delicious!',
        type: 'success'

    Usage with Nuxt.js

    You can easely use tostini inside Nuxt.js by creating a plugin:

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import tostini from 'v-tostini'
    // If you want to use tostini inside your store modules
    // the same way you use it in components
    // you will need to inject it
    export default (ctx, inject) => {
      inject('tostini', Vue.prototype.$tostini)

    tostini supports >2%, IE11, Safari 10 but if your Nuxt project has different browser targets - you can easely compile it yourself from the available source. To do that you need to add transpile section to you nuxt.config.js build settings:

    build: {
        transpile: ['v-tostini']

    don't forget to target src folder inside the plugin

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import tostini from 'v-tostini/src'


    Use String as an argument

    You can also use as argument a string:


    Above will be the same as:

      message: 'Yupi!'

    Notification Duration

    By default duration is calculated by the length of given message. The formula I have created is based on an experiment carried out on colleagues from work. I checked what is the average time that an adult needs to notice and read the technical text that one saw for the first time. Since I have implemented it, complaining that someone did not manage to read the text - ended :)

    Of course you can set your own duration:

      message: 'This message will be visible for 2s.',
      duration: 2000


    type field in toastini config is set as data-type in added tostini to tostini-plate. So basicly it's up to you how you will use it.

    HTML Support

    You can display HTML-based message. Just set html: true flag:

      message: 'Wow! Great <b>success</b>!',
      html: true

    Caution! Sanitization needs to be done on your side!

    Custom Template

    It's possible to create custom template for your messages:

    <tostini-plate class="tostini-plate" v-slot="{ type, message }">
      <div class="tostini" :data-type="type">
        {{ message }}


    You can specify transition name with:

    <tostini-plate transition-name="fade" />

    Close Button in the Message

    <tostini-plate class="tostini-plate" v-slot="{ type, message, close }">
      <div class="tostini" :data-type="type">
        {{ message }}
        <button @click="close">OK</button>

    Exmaple CSS

    So this is CSS that I'm using. As you can see I'm using types:

    • default
    • success
    • error
    • warning
    • info
    .tostini-plate {
      position: fixed;
      bottom: 0;
      left: 0;
      width: 100%;
      height: auto !important;
    .tostini-plate .tostini {
      padding: 0.75rem;
      width: calc(100vw - 3.5rem);
      margin: 0.5rem auto;
      max-width: 40rem;
      color: white;
    .tostini-plate .tostini[data-type="default"] {
      background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);
    .tostini-plate .tostini[data-type="success"] {
      background: rgba(45, 148, 27, 0.95);
    .tostini-plate .tostini[data-type="error"] {
      background: rgba(148, 27, 27, 0.95);
    .tostini-plate .tostini[data-type="warning"] {
      background: rgba(216, 143, 9, 0.95);
    .tostini-plate .tostini[data-type="info"] {
      background: rgba(0, 147, 204, 0.95);



    This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details


    npm i v-tostini

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