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Secure, Synchronized, Realtime, Cloud, Native JavaScript Variables & Events

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🔒 Secure ❄️ Synchronized ⚡️ Realtime ☁️ Cloud 🌈 Native JavaScript Variables & Events

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V extends your in-memory variables to also be saved/persisted instantly. Variables and constants are instantly synced between all your running instances of V. When you restart V, variables and constants are reloaded automatically.

Current Features

  • Keeps your variables in the cloud
  • Syncs variables between instances
  • Automatic variables rehidration (reloading)

Requires ES6 Proxy (NodeJS 6+ and new browsers)


  • Web GUI
  • History - Time machine
  • Events pub/sub

NodeJS Examples:

First: Get a new roomId (Web GUI soon), this will print your roomId on the console

const V = require('v')
const v = new v()

Then use it:

const V = require('v')
const v = new v('the-roomId-from-the-console')
v.myVar = 5
v.const('constant', 10)

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