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Helper fun's :P

Just implements a few helper functions to help get around both browser and node api's no support for deno.js mainly because I don't know how

This package is not intended to run on, ungah bungah (older) versions of browsers and or versions of nodejs and will never support older versions that do not support anything in or beyond ES6.

install: npm i utonmae


  • <hps|helpers> - hps || helpers


Basically, less of a headache, Object.defineProperty / Object.defineProperties. Why do programmers insist on making it super hard or tedious for others..., instead of it being smart or easy

  ['array', {
    value () {
      // if you're not from ye olde
      return Array.from(this.entries())


Basically, easy use case .length for the base types

let empt;
empt = {
  obj: {}, // object
  arr: [], // array
  str: '', // string
  rgxp: new RegExp('') // regular expression, had to do it this way otherwise the processer would've had a fit

console.log(`Is obj empty? ${hps.empty(empt.obj)}
Is arr empty? ${hps.empty(empt.arr)}
Is str empty? ${hps.empty(empt.str)}
Is rgxp empty? ${hps.empty(empt.rgxp)}`);

// these will all be true
// if its an unknown type or there is no size value, will throw an error ;P.

<hps|helpers>.parse | <hps|helpers>.stringify & <hps|helpers>.nType

Basically, extendable JSON stringifiy and parse that should've been a thing by now but nope-

// edit: indented it so some style enforcer doesn't have a stroke ;P
let Mow = (() => {
  let mo;
  mo = function Mow (moow) {
    if (!(this instanceof Mow)) {return new Mow(...arguments)}
    if (moow == null) {throw Error("MOOOOW")}
    this.moow = moow;
  mo.prototype = {
    constructor: Mow
  // defines the deconstrucor rule, basically turns it into json jargen
  mo.destructor = function (it) {
    return {
      yup: 'mow', // needed, the rest of it.. structure it how you like, of course, within the rules of a JSON file.
      data: it.moow
  // defines the reviver rule, basically turns that json jargen into the original data before json jargen
  mo.reviver = function (it) {
    return Mow(it.data)

  // passes the custom class into a library which saves the data.
  return mo

// then you can use parse & stringify
let dt = hps.stringify({
  mo: Mow('mowmowmowmow')
}); // {"mo":{"yup":"mow",data:"mowmowmowmow"}}
hps.parse(dt) // {mo: Mow {moow: "mowmowmowmow"}}


Returns the type of the first argument, if another is passed, compares the second to the first's type, of course, must be a string, what kind of person would do it any other way ;P

console.log(hps.type('moo')) // 'string';
// or
console.log(hps.type('moo', 'string')) // true;


Basically checks if the main is nodejs or a browser can just call it for the value if you don't want to do it callback wise.

hps.ncheck(yin => {
  if (!yin) {console.log('node-')}


Basically, easy definable into the window process- if doing something from a self call anonymous function

(() => {
  let moo;
  moo = {weh: 'egg'}
  hps.mkdown(moo, 'cow');
console.log(cow) /* or window.cow */ // {weh: "egg"}


Basically, ease of access localStorage

hps.mns('moocow', (exists, item, helperNodeShard) => {
  // exists || e
  // item || it
  // helperNodeShard || hns
  if (!exists) {helperNodeShard.define('weewow')}
  someGlobalVariable = helperNodeShard.dat


This package does not require python or anything like that so its pretty easy to contribute stuff

H - O - W - E - V - E - R

not all "helper" functions are actually, "helpful" so.

it must have a more general use case or use case for optional packages like:

  • express
  • fs
  • readline
  • socket.io

to name a few.



Style Rules

  • DO NOT
    • use 'use-strict'.
    • overly use 'const'.
    • overly use 'var'.
    • (joke) use typescript, aka, the "more-work" language ;P
    • Leave comments in your code unless its TODO or NOTE
  • DO
    • use 'let'.
    • find the most optimal, fast and efficient way of writing code, that runs fast and efficient
    • Make sure its easy for other programmers, including myself.


npm i utonmae

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